About Apolooks® Eye Nutrition

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The intake of the right nutrients is very important for our health, including the health of the eyes. Fortunately, a lot of attention has been paid to this for several years.

We have two vegan nutritional food supplements that we are very proud of. Retinacomplex® is our self-developed supplement and has been around since 2006. We also like to work with other companies so that we can offer our customers the best products for the best price! This is how our Apolooks omega-3 from algae supplement was created. Both supplements may help maintain normal vision **.

** Due to the vitamin A in Retinacomplex® and the 250 MG DHA fatty acids in our Apolooks® omega-3 algae oil, these health claims may be made.

Nutritional supplement Retinacomplex®:
After extensive research, our first self-developed food supplement Retinacomplex® was launched in 2006. This supplement consists of a unique combination of antioxidants, high concentration polysaccharides from Lycium Barbarum Lynn (Goji berry) and Vitamin A. We ship our supplements worldwide.

Nutritional supplement Apolooks® Omega-3 algae oil:
We have been working with TESTA since 2019. They have developed a fantastic omega-3 from algae product. This product contains 250 mg DHA per capsule. This dosage is high enough to make health claims “benefits your vision” and “contributes to the maintenance of normal vision“.

Combideals, RetinaComplex & Omega-3 algae oil:
We have combined Apolooks® omega-3 with Retinacomplex® in our combination deals. By bundling these supplements you benefit from high discounts!