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Apolooks® omega-3 with algae is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Each capsule contains at least 450mg omega-3, of which more than 250mg DHA and more than 125mg EPA. The recommended daily allowance of these omega-3 fatty acids varies from 200 to 500mg per day. This equates to 2 to 5 servings of (oily) fish per week. However, most people’s diets do not meet these recommended allowances. To help bring your intake to the right amount of omega-3 fatty acids, we highly recommend adding our omega-3 supplement to your diet.

Why our algae oil and not a fish oil?

Fish contain omega-3 because they consume algae. We just leave the fish be and obtain the omega-3 straight from the purest algae. Our algae are produced on land using clean water and are therefore uncontaminated by ocean pollution. Raw fish oil contains heavy metals, dioxins and PCBs. These are harmful substances which reach our food through the environment. Only through multiple industrial processes can the freshness of a fish oil supplement be guaranteed.

Oily fish contains only 1% omega-3, while algae contain approximately 20% omega-3. This means that a lot of fish must be caught in order to obtain the same amount of omega-3. This can be prevented. In short, a choice for algae oil is a choice for the environment as well as for your health!

Apolooks® Omega-3 and your health

If you wish to use the omega-3 capsules for health maintenance, our recommendation is 1 capsule per day. In addition, a healthy diet is paramount – our capsules do not replace a healthy diet. Higher doses may be recommended for therapeutic uses, this is not harmful as long as the daily intake stays below 5 grams of omega-3.

Contrary to many other products, our product is highly concentrated, which allows us to state the following health claims:

2 capsules benefit heart function (DHA & EPA)
– Contributes to normal heart function
– Supports the heart
– Has a beneficial effect on the heart

1 capsule benefits brain function (DHA)
– Is an important building block for the brain
– Plays a role in brain function
– Contributes to the maintenance of normal brain function

1 capsule is good for eyesight
– Supports eye condition
– Plays a role in functioning of the retina
– Helps to focus
– Helps to maintain normal vision

Our omega-3 supplement is particularly suitable for pregnant women (DHA)
– Intake of 1 capsule by the mother contributes to normal visual development in the foetus and in breastfed newborns.
– Intake of 1 capsule contributes to normal visual development in newborns up to the age of 12 months
– Intake of 1 capsule by the mother contributes to normal brain development in the foetus and in breastfed newborns.

Our product contains vitamin E
– This is an antioxidant
– Protects against free radicals
– Helps protect healthy body cells
– Helps protect cells against environmental effects such as UV rays and air pollution.


Triglycerides are fats in the blood which the body uses as a source of energy. An increase in triglycerides can accelerate the process of arteriosclerosis and even end up causing cardiovascular diseases. An increase in triglycerides means that your cholesterol levels are too high. Here too, our supplement can have a positive effect.

DHA & EPA contribute to sustaining normal levels of triglycerides in the blood
– 7 capsules contribute to sustaining normal blood pressure, and the recommendation is to limit your intake to a maximum of 10 capsules per day.
– 5 capsules will contribute to sustaining regular/healthy levels of triglycerides in the blood and here, too, the recommendation is to limit your intake to a maximum of 10 capsules per day.

Apolooks® Omega-3

Contrary to fish oil, our product does not taste of fish. If you wish to open the capsule anyway, this is no problem. You can cut open the capsule using sharp scissors or pierce it with a needle. The oil can be mixed with a coconut- or almond drink. The oil mixes well and does not dominate the taste.

Our product is priced at €24.95/ $29,95. The packet contains 60 capsules. At 1 capsule per day, the packet will be sufficient for 2 months. Also have a look at our discounts and combination deals.

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