M.T. (Canada)

I have been using Retinacomplex for over 10 years. My disease (retinitis pigmentosa) is one that progressively leads to blindness. My ophthalmologist felt it was important to keep my eyes as healthy as possible and she specifically recommended Retinacomplex.

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Reginaldo (Brazil)

Retinacomplex was recommended by my doctor and has proven to be efficient in slowing the advance of my Retinitis Pigmentosa. Currently with the new tracking system of the order package there have been no problems. The product arrives quickly and safely. I am happy to know that I will be able to continue ordering on

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Darren (Canada)

Retinacomplex provides individuals diagnosed with an inherited retinal eye disease with an element of hope as it provides an option for managing their eye disease. I recently learned about Retinacomplex during a presentation by a respected Opthalmologist in Canada who specializes in inherited retinal dystrophies.

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Molly (USA)

My experience with this product has been excellent. I like that it specifically targets the retina. Multiple important ingredients in one capsule, reduces number of different products I need to buy. A good all-in-one. I have always been satisfied with shipping time and service.

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Erica (Brazil)

I began using Retina Complex in 2009 on the advice of my ophthalmologists. It was recommended with the aim of halting, or at least helping to delay, the progression of Retinitis Pigmentosa. Following 8 years of continuous use, I can confirm that the investment has been well worth it. My disease is not very active

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